The beginning of the 1940s finds Petros Boutaris taking his first professional steps in the field of silver and goldsmithing. Growing up and nurtured with the secrets of art by his father and his older brothers, he timidly started the first handmade creations in traditional jewelry and buckles of the time (traditional women’s belts of the time). These first creations were already enough to be the starting point of a journey that is still evolving to this day.

His experience, his technical training and the huge acceptance of his creations, quickly make him famous and so in 1950 he decides to establish his own laboratory and retail store based in Chrysoupoli. His passion and passion lead him to a successful course and professional reputation, while keeping in focus the special needs of each customer.

Until the 90’s the store has been established in the local community, as the main destination for unique products and specialized services of silversmithing and watchmaking. Of course, his love for creation and high levels of service make him very well known and loved beyond the borders of the local community, gaining close relationships with customers from other cities in Greece and abroad.

This devotion is complemented and strengthened by the second generation with the daughter of Petros Boutaris. In 1993, Lygeri Boutari takes over the entire business, initially utilizing the wisdom and experience of her father and then creating new collaborations, she succeeds beyond any expectations to add her personal stamp to the further development of the business.

Having literally created a history of over 50 years, respecting the values ​​and vision of Petros Boutaris, our main goal remains the excellent service and absolute satisfaction of our customers in terms of jewelry and watches.

In recent years, the pure values ​​and principles of the first generation, together with the many years of experience of the second generation, has been enriched with the creativity of the third (!) Generation, – the granddaughter of Petros Boutaris – Manavakis Asimenias.

The trip goes on…. with the same love, the same passion, the passion and the experience that we have inevitably inherited until today and we have the joy every day to show to each of our customers !!

But evolution is a given, which is why we are constantly upgrading and further modernizing our business, in order to meet the needs of our customers (your needs).

We always continue by your side with reliability and professionalism!